Kid’s Toy/Clothes/Book Swap [Sept 25]

Kid’s Toy/Clothes/Book Swap
September 25 :: Saturday :: 2-5pm

Space12 and Real Moms Like Me will be hosting a toy/clothes/book swap on Saturday, Sept 25 from 2-5pm. Bring your “cleaned” toys/clothes/books and give your kid’s closet a total makeover with some ‘new’ toys, clothes, and books.

This swap is for you:

  • If you ever bought your chid a new toy and find him tossing the toy aside and fixated on the bubble wrap
  • Bought your daughter the cutest summer dress and discovered that she’s grown out of it before she ever worn it
  • Your child thinks his/her friend’s toys are so much cooler than their own
  • You strive to buy educational toys for your kid and they want nothing to do with it
  • The grandparents buy some very interesting looking clothes that make you relive your awkward childhood days

*** All swaps are conducted with the sole responsibility on the participant to consider the toy’s safety and operational standards. No car seats or cribs will be considered. Remaining toys/clothes/books will be donated to area donation centers.

You can RSVP on the Facebook event.

[photo by Edyus @ flickr]